1. People have been caring for their teeth for centuries!!!
First toothbrushes were made from twigs. The Egyptians used crushed eggshells to polish their teeth. Modern toothbrushes, as we know them, weren’t available until the late 1930s, and the first electric toothbrush hit the scene in 1954.

2. Your teeth know a lot about you.
Our teeth can reveal how old we are, and what we eat and drink. They can even tell where on Earth we have lived. Teeth give clues to our overall health, along with times of stress or sicknesses we may have endured.

3. Your teeth were forming even before you were born.
When babies are born, their primary (baby) teeth are already forming under the gums. Once those teeth come in, the adult teeth are forming and waiting to push the baby teeth out of the way.

4. The tooth fairy keeps up with inflation!
In the 1950s, the average child received just 25 cents for a lost tooth. Today, kids get an average of $2.00 per tooth!

5. Every tooth is Unique.
Your smile is uniquely your own. There are no two teeth that are exactly alike. Each one has its own shape and size.