Mouth Guards and Dental Emergencies

Athletic mouth guards are recommended for  everyone — both children and adults — who play contact sports such as football, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, boxing, lacrosse, field hockey and baseball.

Mouth guards help avoid chipped or broken teeth, nerve damage to a tooth, or even tooth loss.

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Ellen’s “PLAC” Shortcuts

After 36 years in dental hygiene care, I have discovered some shortcuts to good dental health for you!  When it comes to dental products, too often, we just don’t know what to buy, what to use, or how to use it.  We are faced with TV commercials that promise us everything from perfectly white teeth, to  instant fresh breath and we become confused.  I have learned through the years that there are actually four simple steps to great home care.

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Thank You for Supporting the Oral Cancer Foundation!

Dr. Kris Nicholas and Dr. Jim Baburek are pleased to announce a donation of $1,170.00 to the Oral Cancer Foundation after a successful April Campaign. April was Oral Cancer Awareness Month and to increase awareness, the dental office of Drs. Howard, Nicholas and Baburek donated $10 from every VELscope screening in April.

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month

This year we have made a goal as an office to help increase awareness of oral cancer and the importance of annual oral cancer screenings.

Oral cancer is a growing problem with over 43,000 Americans diagnosed last year. Leading causes include HPV16 (the same virus responsible for over 90% of cervical cancer) as well as tobacco and alcohol use.

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Do you have receding gums or sensitivity?

Recession (loss of gum tissue) at the neck of the tooth and or loss of enamel often leads to hypersensitive teeth.

Hypersensitivity affects between 10 – 40% of adults. Discomfort can range from mild to severe. Recession most often occurs among people in their 30’s and 40’s and it is more common in women than men.

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